“What the dang is Foxhole anyhow?”

Foxhole is a sci-fi action-adventure webcomic. It’s got alternate reality exploration, crazy weapons and moves, chocolate diamonds, mysterious orbs of great power, and most importantly, foxes. Lots of foxes. In fact, most of the characters in the comic are foxes. Why? I suppose that’s just how evolution played out in the version of Earth that we find Walter, Zuka, and Wyatt. These three will never know what to expect on their next expedition… through the foxhole!

“I’m simply amazed. When does Foxhole update? I love you.”

I try to add new pages whenever I can. I have trouble keeping a schedule for it. New pages appear between commissions and other work I need to finish to pay the bills.

“How can I support your flawless comic? I have so much spare money.”

You can start by turning off any ad blocking software while you’re here. But if you wanna support me directly and get a little something back, there is the patreon…

“I saw something you drew that I didn’t like. Actually it was kinda gross.”

That is okay. I forgive you. All I have to say is that the art world is a tough place. And a weird one to boot. I am no exception. If you have any criticisms, I will listen. Just try to be civil about it. Know that I only try to make things that people will enjoy, including myself. I do not draw with the intent to provoke or offend. If I make something that is not to your taste subject-wise, just keep in mind that there are different audiences out there, and I cater to two or more of those in order to support myself and continue doing what I love to do, which is, simply, to create.

“I made some Foxhole fan art!”

Send this ego booster directly to me. I love fan art. I may even show it off on tumblr, twitter, or here!

“Should I show this comic to my kids? To my grandma? To my pets?”

Foxhole, and all of its associated media, will ALWAYS be appropriate for all ages. I do not work under any censorship, so what is appropriate will be up to my interpretation. I am a proponent of using subtlety to convey more mature themes to a younger audience without patronizing, and I also may depict smoking or alcohol use for specific characters. However, explicit or suggestive sexual content will not appear in Foxhole.

What I cannot guarantee however, is how I act outside of the foxholecomic.com website. I deal with a tough crowd on a daily basis and will sometimes use tough man words that are too hot to handle. Like the F-word. Or the O-word. Yeah, there’s an O-word.

“One last question. Why foxes?”

They’re cute and fun to draw. If I’m gonna make a comic, I want it to be fun to draw. And maybe some of that fun I had will rub off on the readers.